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6 November 2010 / Liz Johns

How do Cats find their Way Home? They Take the Train, Of Course.

We’ve all read or heard those stories where cats have wandered away from home and are subsequently discovered many, many kilometres away. Or, of owners who have moved house to another part of the country, their cat has gone missing and is found right back at the original house. “How amazing that they walked so far? How did they know which direction to take?”, we exclaim. But don’t be fooled by this, cats aren’t that daft, they don’t walk those long, tiring distances – they take the train! “They don’t!” Okay, perhaps not all of them, but SOME of them take the train.

"Cat" for adoption. Lively, adventurous, but keep away from train drivers.

Like “Cat“, who stepped off the mid-afternoon Tranz Metro Waiarapa train at Wellington Central Station, much to the surprise of the station guards.  They apprehended him (not without a struggle and few deep scratches to the train driver) and took him to Wellington SPCA. No one saw Cat get on the train so it’s unknown which station he came from. He’s a grey, male short-hair, approximately 2 years old and lives somewhere between Masterton and Wellington. Know him? If you do, get in touch with Wellington SPCA.

Cat isn’t the first cat to snag a free ride on public transport. In August of this year, Lilou, an Irish cat, boarded a train to Dublin. To find out where the cat had come from, the station staff made good use of the CCTV footage and found a clip of Lilou boarding the train at Malahide Station. They posted a message on Twitter which the owner saw and happily the two were reunited. Lilou was subsequently issued with a railcard.

"Macavity". Please give up your seat to the elderly, pregnant women and cats.

But it’s not just trains that cats like to board. Buses are another hot favourite. One famous bus traveller is Macavity, who, in 2007, regularly took the number 331 bus from Walsall to Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. He would get on the bus at a particular stop (always the same one) and alight at another, 400 metres down the road. He must have walked back home though as he was never seen catching the bus back.

"Casper". Who travelled thousands of kilometres by bus. And never once bought a ticket.

Casper, another bus traveller, became a celebrity in Plymouth, UK by taking the bus regularly for 4 years. He’d stay on the bus for whole round trip, around 17 kilometres, curled up on the back seat. Sadly, he was run over by a car in January of this year. Tributes came in from all around the world. He was one famous bus travelling cat.

So now you know the secret of how cats travel great distances. Pretty much like us, they take the bus.

I recommend checking out other catventures at this UK site:



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  1. Krissyhix / Nov 10 2010 9:48 pm

    Thanks for another great perspective on our always surprising animal friends! Hope you don’t mind I’m posting a link to your story on my blog! 🙂


    • Liz Johns / Nov 11 2010 4:50 pm

      No problems. Happy for you to post a link, of course 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  2. R. / Dec 17 2010 6:14 pm

    Nice post! 😀 I knew of your blog via Freshly Press ~such a lovely blog you have!! 🙂


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