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25 October 2010 / Liz Johns

The Latest in Sustainable Interior Decor – Egg Tray Wallpaper

Doesn't my colouring look great against these egg trays.

Now, I’m not normally one for setting trends, but I think I’ve stumbled upon something here that’ll become the leading light in eco-interior decor. Egg tray wallpaper. Before you scoff, ponder on the advantages that egg tray wallpaper has over traditional papering . Firstly, it’s cheap, really cheap. Each tray costs only about 60 cents. Secondly, you can purchase recycled egg trays so you’ll be able to proudly declare that you’re helping to save the earth. Also, egg trays are very easy to secure to the wall with PVA glue (the ‘friendly school glue’), so you’ll have the walls decorated in half the time of conventional wallpapering with a quarter of the mess. And finally, egg trays provide a modicum of insulation and a smidgen of sound proofing. And you will have, let’s face it, a uniquely decorated room.

You too could have walls like these!

My reason for decorating a room with egg trays (see pics) didn’t stem from any earth-friendly compulsion or lack of money, it was mainly an experiment to see whether I could sound proof a room with egg trays to muffle the occasional, but excruciatingly annoying bird song that emanates from my darling parrots. (Yes, they have a room of their own in the house, is that not normal?) The result of this experiment was a very slight, but barely noticeable reduction in noise. So not a great success. But the parrots themselves have great fun climbing around the walls and chewing the cardboard egg trays, so they’re pretty happy about their new decor.

Those torn egg trays behind me? Nothing to do with me.

All in all, I think egg tray wallpaper could be the latest in sustainable interior decor. If it catches on, remember, you saw it here first 🙂



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  1. wingclipped / Nov 1 2010 9:57 am

    Yeah but think how many eggs you’d have to eat just to cover half of one wall…


  2. Cymbria / Nov 9 2010 5:15 am

    Great post! A real Martha Stewart moment for the egg laying demographic lol Taking this logic one step further: parrots are to egg trays as humans are to… diapers? Frightening aesthetics aside, you’d get decent soundproofing + bonus flood control hehee


  3. Candles / Nov 1 2011 8:56 am

    Egg carton wallpaper! That’s a first and it looks good on the walls and it’s in a room for birds! And they provide sound proofing too! Great idea. . . .keep them coming! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


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