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26 July 2010 / Liz Johns

Beyond our Animal Nature and Along the Moonlit Path

There’s an incandescently wonderful full moon tonight and the whole place is illuminated. It’s something that always amazes me, how a full moon can light up the night so clearly. I’ve spent most of my life living in cities or suburbia where street lights and building lights dull the night sky and the influence of a full moon is lost. Now, living in a rural location where there are no street lights and the neighbours’ house lights are out of view, a clear sky and full moon is a spectacular sight. I can see across the valley to the alpacas on the hill, I can see cows in my next door neighbour’s field, I can see the road, the pine forest, the bush, my bemused sheep who are still out at 11.30 at night eating. The moonlight casts such a gentle light tonight, it looks like a silvery-blue frost has settled across the valley.

There is a card in The Tarot called The Moon. In the image, the moon is reflecting light on our animal nature which is three-fold. The dog – our conscious, controlled, domesticated nature; the wolf – our unconscious, uncontrolled nature; and the crayfish – our lowest nature that comes out of the depths but still strives to reach the light as consciousness unfolds. These animals symbolise our conflicting and imagined nature, but the moon illuminates the one path reflecting the way of the spirit.

The Moon is a card of uncertainty, a card of the unknown. We feel the desire to go beyond our animal nature, so we set off down the dimly lit path. But we can’t see where we are going, we feel uncertain and alone, there’s not enough light. Except that there is enough light – there is all the light we need in the reflected light of The Moon. It gives us enough light to take us through our fears, to help us leave our familiar animal existence behind, and to take us along the path from the imagined to the spiritual.

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