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4 July 2010 / Liz Johns

We Didn’t Know You Were There – New Animal Species Are Found

Most of us, if asked, could name at least a few animals that are now classified as endangered species. We might think of Giant Pandas, Jaguars, Black Rhinos or Marine Turtles. Or any of a number of animals whose habitats have been destroyed to such an extent that their species now face the threat of extinction. It’s not a new issue. It’s one we’re all very aware of and there are many dedicated groups around the planet doing their best to help avoid species extinction. But with all our focus on the animals we may lose, we often forget that new species are being discovered. Animals that humans have never seen or heard before, and they’re here quietly sharing the planet with us. Granted they’re not the ‘exciting’ animals – the cats, the bears, the apes, but they are nevertheless significant in their own wonderful way.

Join with me in welcoming the following species into human knowledge.

Stick insect – Phobaeticus Chani

With the honour of being the world’s longest insect (of around 63 centimetres long), this stick insect was discovered in Borneo three years ago but only revealed to the world by scientists in April this year. They inhabit the high rain forest canopy.

Wallaby – Dorcopsulus sp. nov.

Found just over two years ago in New Guinea and revealed to the world last month, this is a new species of dwarf wallaby. Now the smallest member of the kangaroo family.

Blossom Bat – Syconycteris Sp. Nov.

Also found living in the rain forests of New Guinea is the blossom bat that feeds on nectar.

Long-nosed Tree Frog – Litoria Sp. Nov.

From New Guinea once again, a tiny frog with a long nose that made its existence known to the world when it hopped into a scientific research team’s campsite. I guess it wanted to be discovered.

How extraordinary is it that there are still animal species around the world we’re only just finding out about. You would think that there must be many more. And just think about those species that have evolved, flourished and died out, all without our knowing a single thing about them. The world suddenly seems a much bigger place.

Come back soon and check out the next post all about the species we thought were extinct but were still there all along.



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  1. Abby / Jul 5 2010 6:36 am

    I thought that tiny frog had snot dripping off its nose at first. How amazing!


    • Liz Johns / Jul 5 2010 9:29 am

      Ha 🙂 It does look like that. Hope it’s not self-conscious.


  2. six23 / Jul 7 2010 5:13 am

    Ha, I loved all of the photos, and all your writing was so fascinating ! I think I’m gonna keeo coming back to check out all you have to say, Its all so very interesting. =] Oh and please check out my blog if you have the chance, I was going for more of a personal journal type blog.. Let me know what you think.



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