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16 May 2010 / Liz Johns

Zoo Animals Blown Up By Bankrupt Owner

Okay so the headline is a bit misleading, but essentially it’s true.

I wanted to tell you about a Balloon Animal Zoo that is open to the public in the US. I read about this after buying a pack of those long, thin balloons, the ones you use to make into balloon animals. I only got as far as the first instruction

1:  Blow into the balloon until it is three-quarters full of air and tie a tight knot in the open end

but after multiple unsuccessful attempts, I had not managed to blow up even one of those ridiculously, skinny balloons. So I resorted to the Internet to find out how to do it.

It was during this Internet search that I stumbled across the Balloon Animal Zoo. Duncan Zoo in Oklahoma was forced to close down recently declaring bankruptcy, but the zoo’s owner, Leo Brereton, came up with the brilliant idea of turning the empty zoo into a balloon animal zoo. He has hired balloon animal artists who sit in the empty animal cages and make balloon versions of the animal that formerly occupied the cage to give to the visiting children. This, as you can imagine, delights and enthralls them. And the good news is that the zoo is busier than ever.

My commendations to Leo Brereton with his wonderfully, creative, and successful idea; and thanks to Mark C. Miller of the Huffington Post for reporting this good news item.

In case you are wondering, I have still not managed to blow up any of the balloons, let alone create any of the wonderful creatures shown in the photo. As as a result, I have admitted defeat. Balloons 1 Liz 0.


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