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12 May 2010 / Liz Johns

Purrsonally, I Don’t Think Cats Look Good In Taffeta

Putting a collar and bell on a cat is one thing, but taffeta? Even with the stylish temptations of the latest pussycat fashion from United Bamboo, I don’t think any cat is going to take too kindly to a sartorial make-over. It’s a rule passed down through generations of pet cats: do not under any circumstances lower yourselves to the level of a dog and let your owner put any items of clothing on you.

So will this designer range of catwear take off? (Visions of high disposable income cat owners forcing their moggies into the little black dress before the dinner party guests arrive). I’m guessing not. And I think the cats are on my side. Check out the calendar of cat models and look especially at November-December. Now in all honesty, does that cat look happy dressed in taffeta with an outsized bow?

Cats look better in their own fur. That’s a fact.

But on a good note, I should mention that United Bamboo is donating a percentage of its cat fashion sales to Kittykind, a New York cat rescue society. So at least these unwilling, and slightly annoyed-looking cat models are helping out their fellow felines.

P.S.  Did you notice that I managed to write the whole of this blog post without once making a ‘cat walk’ pun. Impressed? It took some reserve I can tell you.


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