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10 May 2010 / Liz Johns

How Can I Take A Good Photo Of My Parrot If He Doesn’t Sit Still?

Everyone is a photographer these days. With digital cameras so cheap and easy to use, we can all take quite professional looking shots without, to be honest, much skill involved. This may have diminished photography as an artform somewhat, but there are still some ‘real’ photographers around who can adjust the F-stop, alter the iso, and select the correct bracketing, in order to capture that perfect shot. I’m not one of them. Here are my best attempts at capturing action:

As you can see, I just can’t get a good, focused shot of my parrot, Milo. He’s a corella, a white Australian parrot from the cockatoo family. They’re known for their clown-like, cheeky qualities and they don’t sit still. So with my Joe Bloggs camera skills, I have a lovely selection of ever-so-slightly blurred photos of my little parrot.

But compare my pathetic photographic attempts to this absolute beauty of a shot that I stumbled across whilst browsing the WordPress blogs. It’s a photo of a raptor in flight taken by J. Hayashi. He said in one of his comments that he was a ‘bit lucky with this shot’, but that’s just modesty. It’s an extremely skilful and beautiful photo.

If you want to see photographs of corellas in action, then take a look at the corellas on Lyn Weir’s blog. I particularly love the row of pictures of the corella walking along the railing.

Taking a photograph of scenery doesn’t impress me much, but capturing an animal, especially a bird in flight will always be a true photographic skill that I admire.


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