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7 May 2010 / Liz Johns

The One In The Middle Is A Banana

“What lovely llamas you have.”

“They’re not llamas, they’re alpacas.”

I’ve had that short conversation many times, and understandably so. Alpacas and llamas look pretty similar as they come from the same camelid family. If only one of them had a hump, like the camel, then we could all spot the difference between them easily. So how DO you tell them apart?

There are things to look at such as overall size of the animal, and length of nose, but you want something easily recognizable, and something you can easily remember.

Here it is: just remember these two words BANANA LLAMA. No they don’t eat them (at least I don’t think they do), but a llama’s ears curve inwards slightly, just like … you guessed it … a banana. Whereas in contrast, an alpaca’s ears go straight up.

Now, I bet that you’ll never forget this method of telling alpacas and llamas apart. Be prepared to use it at your next farm visit and amaze all your friends …

If you’re still struggling to tell which of the pictures above is an alpaca and which is a llama EVEN WITH my fabulous Banana Llama hint, then the llama is on the left and there are two alpacas on the right. (The one in the middle is a banana.)


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  1. purrfectpawspetphotography / Jul 2 2010 2:35 am

    Banana llama – never knew that about the ears! Thank you for the fact! I can’t wait to pass that on to the 3 year old alpaca fan I have at home!


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