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23 April 2010 / Liz Johns

My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog

They may not know that they are in the Guiness Book of Records 2010, but I’m sure they know they’re a little different. Meet the record breaking dogs.

Tigger, The Biggest Ears. Measuring 34.3 cm on the left, 34.9 cm on the right.

Heaven Sent Brandy, The Shortest Dog. A full grown chihuahua measuring only 15.2 cm from nose to tail.

Sweet Pea, The Skipping Dog. Successfully jumping 75 times  in one minute.

Gibson, The Tallest Dog. Sadly not with us anymore, but still holding the record. Standing at  107.2 cm high and Boo Boo, The Shortest Dog. A mere 10.2 cm tall. Can you believe that?

Check out other animal extremes and fantastic pets on the Guiness World Records site. Fascinating facts to be discovered here. Apparently the fastest eater in the animal world is the Star-Nosed Mole at 120 milliseconds ‘handling time’, but I think my greedy labrador would be in with a chance at breaking that record. Feeding time is pretty much – ‘Put Food In Bowl, Gone’. Eat your heart out star-nosed mole.


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