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19 April 2010 / Liz Johns

A is for Animal, B is for Blog

The title says it all. I think you can figure out what the content of this blog is going to be without much of an explanation from me. But in case you still don’t know, my plan is to blog about all creatures great and small. With personal stories of my own pets and their antics; interesting and uplifting animal news stories from around the world; stuff about how animals think and behave; fascinating facts about critters; and every now and then an amusing animal video. (Because we all love them, don’t we.)

Courtesy of www.shephardsoftware.comSo first let me introduce to you the Aardvark and the Zorilla (to my left and to my right). My first and last animals, alphabetically speaking. One is a piggy-like, Courtesy of www.firstsceince.comtermite nibbler, the other a rather smelly, solitary creature with a go-faster stripe. Don’t you just love ’em both? I guess I’ve got a soft spot for the aardvark but the zorilla takes the prize for best name. I’ll blog more about both these gloriously wonderful creatures in later posts.

Both the aardvark and zorilla are, in my opinion, gorgeous creatures, but I’m not going to just blog about the cute furries that make you go ‘awww’, there’ll be plenty to make you go ‘ewww’ as well. With a generous helping of the weird and wonderful thown in.

Oh, there is one animal I won’t be blogging about. Us. Humans. People. We’ve always so much to say about ourselves, I think I’d like to speak up for the rest of the Animal Kingdom.

So here we go, it all begins now. Get ready for a blog feast of feathers and fur, scales and spiracles, and tentacles and tails.

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